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Welcome to the home of Victoria Emes - content creator, comedian and author

Victoria's debut book, Welcome to Motherhood, Bitches, available to buy now.


The real guide to pregnancy, birth and beyond.


If you’re either curious about having kids, you’re currently up the duff, or you’re stumbling through the early days of parenthood with a mattress-sized sanitary towel between your legs wondering what the hell has just happened - this is the book for you. 


Think of this book as your pregnancy, birth and postpartum BFF. Welcome to Motherhood, Bitches is your one-stop, no-filter antenatal guide to everything from swollen vulvas and dinner-plate areolas; from shitting in labour to the horror of postpartum haemorrhoids; from mindless sleep deprivation to salvaging a sex life when your pelvic floor has hit the floor. But mainly, it’s a reassuring reminder that feeling slightly (or shockingly) out of control with a newborn baby human is entirely normal.

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